Piloted by Dr Matt Round, anaes.dev undertakes non-commercial web & app development projects relating to anaesthetics and other medical themes. Matt has a longstanding enthusiast interest in HTML & CSS design, and has recently tentatively expanded into native development for Android. Other collaborators have now engaged to offer their own aspiring skills such as iOS development.

Work is hobbyist and self-taught, but presents a friendly and free-of-charge alternative for small societies, groups & departments that could not justify the commissioning of professional services.

If you would like to propose a project, join the collaboration or give other feedback, please get in touch.



Website for the SPIRIT-AI and CONSORT-AI extensions for clinical trials involving artifical intelligence, published September 2020.

Internal apps

Departmental guidelines app under development for internal use - intended to be loaded onto emergency baton phone for resident anaesthetist. Proposals for similar projects welcome.


Website setup for EQUATΘR research collaboration - Wordpress used to allow easy population and updating of content by group.